Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Takbeer TV - SKY 845

Takbeer TV is a free-to-air Islamic TV Channel based in the United Kingdom. Takbeer TV is an innovation in religious media, and has been bringing faith to the household of thousands on Sky Channel 845. Takbeer TV came into existence at a time when the Muslim world is in need of a radical re-think and re-education through a medium which is not overpowering yet educational and entertaining.

Takbeer TV Channel’s aim is to provide, represent and promote a positive outlook of Muslims & Islam and to act as an interface between Muslims & non-Muslims to remove the misconceptions people have about Islam.

Takbeer TV was launched with the aim of delivering the true message of Islam to its followers, and those who fear the misconceptions surrounding the religion. In a time where Islam is facing one of its toughest and harshest times, Takbeer TV brings faith to thousands and educate those who are misguided or have lack of understanding.

Takbeer TV offers educational, current affairs, and entertainment programmes from an Islamic perspective. In October 2011, the channel began to air programming from Dawn News for the UK and Europe viewers.

You can watch TAKBEER TV in UK and Ireland on Sky Channel 845 Frequency 11.343 (V), FEC: 2/3, SR: 27500 . For Europe watch Takbeer TV at Frequency 11343 V. Symbol Rate 27500, FEC 2/3.

Alternatively, you can also watch us on www.takbeer.tv

For further information contact us at info@takbeer.tv or call us on +44 (0)115 860 2172

Fahm e Deen

Fehm e Deen is a live Q&A program on Takbeer TV looking at Islamic law and jurisprudence

You can now watch part 1 of Fehm e Deen telecasted 12 December 2011 on youtube.